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Get a completely integrated High End Systems solution with the award-winning Wholehog® lighting console line and software developed by Flying Pig Systems. These state-of-the-art controllers are developed in tandem with our lighting fixtures to help ensure seamless operation and maximum functionality. Elevate your capabilities with an array of powerful features and a highly user-friendly interface. The Wholehog systems are fully scalable, fully network-compatible, and offer modular program development.

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Wholehog 3
 Console Wholehog 3 Console
Cutting-edge lighting and show control designed for the largest mega events in a sleek, compact design with intuitive interface.
Road Hog Full 
Boar Console
Expand your possibilites with an unsurpassed amount of power and flexibility to achieve cutting-edge lighting.
Road Hog 
The simple and intuitive operations as well as cost effectiveness offer an unprecedented amount of control in a sleek package.
Hog 3PC Hog 3PC
Hog 3PC brings you the convenience and power of the Wholehog operating software running on your PC.