Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 9, 2010


GONSIN BJ-W3 wireless voting system offers a portable, efficient and high performance solution for conference voting and audience response applications with chipcard reading.
The system captures individual votes from wireless handheld voting units using powerful but user-friendly voting software and interference-free voting techniques, operating in the 433 MHz frequency band with maximum 300 meters range.
The system on one base station unit supports up to 200 wireless handheld voting units, and can be expanded to 4000 voting units with additional base station units.

      Main Features

  • Easy to set up & maintain

  • Stable & reliable operation

  • Lightweight handheld unit

  • Graphic LCD message display

  • Proven RF wireless technology

  • User-friendly voting software

  • User registration by key or IC card

  • Up to 24 selectable radio channels

  • Up to 19,200 bps data rate

  • Stable coverage range 150 meters

  • GFSK data modulation

  • Highly interference-resistant

  • Real-time interference signal analysis

  • Automatic data encryption

  • Secure, anonymous votes

  • Instant display of voting results 

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