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Blind Listening Tests

A "blind test" is a method of testing in which the people being experimented on have no idea about what they're getting. This test method prevents results from being influenced by any a priori information. In the field of Audio, blind tests truly highlight what a listener is able to hear. Take up the challenge with the following tests:
  • Find the smallest difference in sound level you can spot. 
     The Level Series:  6dB  3dB  1dB  0.5dB  0.2dB  0.1dB 
  • Find the smallest difference in pitch (frequency) you can hear. 
     The Pitch Series:  50c  20c  10c  5c  2c  1c 
  • Find the highest dynamic range offered by your listening environment. 
     The Dynamic Range Series:  36dB  42dB  48dB  54dB  60dB  66dB  72dB  78dB 
  • Do you have the absolute hearing ability?
     The Perfect Pitch Blind Test:  C Scale  Chromatic 
  • Are your ears sensitive to Absolute Phase? 
     The Absolute Polarity Blind Test:  Here 
The next files have been specifically designed for sound and studio engineers:

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