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Test sound 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limitation of use applying to the contents of this site?

No limitation applying for personal use. Downloading our files to your hard drive, editing them, compiling your own audio test CDs are all fine with us.
Redistributing our files might be OK, as long as you do not edit their contents, and you do give credit to our website.
Any commercial use requires a proper clearance. Please contact us at graphic.

I can't hear any of your audio files when hovering the mouse, but download is fine though.

To ensure the widest compatibility across browsers and operating systems, the sound which plays back when hovering the mouse across icons, has been mp3 encoded. If your (corporate) firewall has been set up to block mp3 streaming, you won't hear anything online. As a work-around, download the uncompressed files instead and play them back straight from your hard drive.

I have suggestions for improving this site, or I would like to submit comments, remarks or new links. Should I forward them?

Sure! Please contact us at graphic.

I would like to support your site. What can I do?

Make this site sound better in English. We use English as a second language. Please help us improving the quality of these pages by proofreading a few lines, a paragraph or two, or even better, a full page. We'll make sure you get the proper credits. Pages to be reviewed in priority can be found here. Please send your contribution to graphic. You can also increase our popularity by creating a link from your website to ours. Credits : Mike Happe (voice over), Christian Cadelli (acoustic guitar sample), Bryan Lord, Tony Mitchell and Will Orzo (proof reading). Thank you!

Who is behind those pages?

Discover here.

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