Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 4, 2011

Âm thanh sân khấu EV

loa thùng - EV TX2181
An ideal companion sub to the TX2152 in a two-to-one sub top ratio, the TX2181 makes excellent use of its dual EVS18S
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loa thùng EV-TX2152
The Electro-Voice TX2152 excels where all other competitive dual 15-inch loudspeakers fail - transient detail.
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 loa thùng EV-TX1181
 The TX1181 is the perfect companion sub to the TX1122 and    TX1152 for compact and portable performance.
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loa thùng EV-TX1152
TX1152 fits the bill when applications that require the low-frequency extension of a 15“ woofer,
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loa thùng EV-TX1152FM
Color Black Input Connections Parallel Neutrik® NL4 Speaker Type Fullrange Frequency Response
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loa thùng EV-TX1122FM
With an undeniable combination of functional good looks, compact design and engineering breakthroughs, Tour X FM monitors will redefine the world
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