Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 4, 2011

Panaray® System Digital Controller II

The Panaray® system digital controller II consolidates equalization into one central source, eliminating the need for EQ cards or separate equalizers. Push-button control and an easy-to-read 2 x 16 backlit LCD allow for simple selection of Bose® loudspeaker configurations and EQ settings. No programming is required.
The Panaray system digital controller II can be configured for mono or stereo operation. A bass mono sum feature is available for situations where stereo mid/high loudspeakers are paired with a single bass loudspeaker. Additional standard presets used in conjunction with Panaray bass loudspeakers let you create bass arrays at the touch of a button.
Product Specifications
2 analog, balanced, differential, XLR
Input impedance:
Differential 2.21k½ @ 1 kHz
Maximum input level:
+18 dBu
Sensitivity range @ full scale:
Selectable, 0/+6/+12/+18 dBu
4 analog, balanced, differential, XLR
Output impedance:
Differential 200½
Maximum output level (balanced):
+18 dBu
Output ranges (balanced):
Selectable, 0/+6/+12/+18 dBu
44.1 kHz
Throughput delay:
Dynamic range:
103 dB (typical)
0.003% (typical)
Frequency response:
20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-1 dB)
100 dB (typical)
Communication port:
RS232 (for software updates only)
Audio indicators:
Signal (Present) – Green LED
Signal (Clip) – Red LED
Mains voltage:
100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (auto-select)
Power consumption:
Operating temperature: 32° – 104°F (0° – 40°C)
Storage temperature: -4° – 122°F (-20° – 50°C)
Humidity: 95% relative humidity
19"W x 8.27"D x 1.77"H
(483mm x 210mm x 45mm)
Product: 5.9lb (2.7kg)
Shipping: 7.8lb (3.5kg)