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402® Series II Loudspeakers

402® Series II Loudspeakers
Light on weight. Heavy on sound.
Play big, travel light with the 402® Series II loudspeaker. Enhanced acoustic performance makes these speakers more natural sounding than ever without changing the compact design that makes them a favorite of small venues. Four proprietary 4½" (11.4 cm) full-range drivers and active EQ help reproduce vocals, guitars and other acoustic instruments with improved smoothness and warmth. And with a weight of only 17.5 pounds, the 402 II speaker is extremely portable.
SizeLook inside to find the secret to the size of the 402 II speaker. We developed a proprietary Articulated Array® baffle for broad horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion. An acoustic diffractor further broadens and smoothes the sound pattern for more uniform, even coverage. Your audience will be able to hear and see the performance with these slim, compact speakers.
DurabilityDon't let the elements dictate how you perform. The 402 II speakers are part of our Installed Anywhere™ speaker line, meeting our strictest standards for outdoor use. The transducer has been enhanced to withstand weather extremes — from blistering heat to wind, rain, snow and sleet. The input/output connectors are extremely reliable, and a mica-reinforced high-impact polyethylene cabinet helps protect these speakers from the weather and wear and tear.
VersatilityWho says you need to own a van to deliver big performances? Active equalization allows 402 II speakers to deliver excellent full-range performance in small, mid-size and large venues. Their light weight — only 17.5 pounds — makes them extremely easy to carry and store. And it's easy to add a Panaray® MB4 Modular Bass Speaker if and when your needs change.