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900 Series Modules

900 Series Modules
TOA Amplifier Products:

9000M2 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers
DA Series Multi-channel Amplifiers

900 Series Modules
Note: All "S" type modules with 3-screw terminal connectors transitions to Removable Terminal Block (Phoenix-type) in 2004. Models include: B-01S, B-11S, L-01S, L-11S, L-41S, M-01S, M-11S, M-51S, M-61S, S-01S, S-02S, S-04S, T-01S, U-01S, U-11S, U-12S and U-61S. New Removable Terminal Block (Phoenix-type) connectors have the following pin-out: H: Hot, C: Common, E: Earth
ML-11T - Mic/Line Module  w/ Mute Send/Receive
S-20S - Digital Message Repeater Module w/ USB
U-14R - Dual Input Priority w/ AGC
V-01S - Remote Master Volume Control

TOA 900 Series Modules give you the power to configure custom systems fast! The modules are available in three categories - Microphone InputLine Input andSpecial Function.
900 Series Module GuideModule Guide
Selection Chart
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Module FAQ
A&E Spec.
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1. Microphone Input Modules
ML-11TSwitchable Mic/Line Input with Mute-Send/Receive
M-01F/M/P/SMicrophone Input
M-11SMicrophone Input with Mute-Receive
M-21SMicrophone Input with Remote Volume Control
M-41SMicrophone Input with Mute-Send
M-51F/SMicrophone Input with Voice Gate
M-61F/SMicrophone Input with Compressor
M-03PHigh Impedance Microphone Input

Line Input Modules
U-14RJukebox Override
B-01F/SBalanced Line Input
B-11SBalanced Line Input with Mute-Receive
B-21SBalanced Line Input with Remote Volume Control
B-41SBalanced Line Input with Mute-Send
L-01F/SLine Matching Input
L-11SLine Matching Input with Mute-Receive
L-41SLine Matching Input with Mute-Send
ML-11TSwitchable Mic/Line Input with Mute-Send/Receive
U-01F/P/R/SUnbalanced Line Input
U-03R/SUnbalanced Line Input with High/Low Cut Filters
U-11R/SUnbalanced Line Input with Mute-Receive
U-12SUnbalanced Line Input with Variable Mute-Receive Depth
U-13R/SUnbalanced Line Input with High/Low Cut Filters and Mute-Receive
U-21SUnbalanced Line Input with Remote Volume Control
U-43R/SUnbalanced Line Input with High/Low Cut Filters and Mute-Send
U-61SUnbalanced Line Input with Compressor
  • Use "B" Series modules with transformer isolation for balanced or unbalanced sources.

  • Use "L" Series modules only for 600 ohm impedance matching.

  • Use "U" Series modules for unbalanced sources with short cables (less than 15 feet).3. Special Function Modules

  • V-01SVCA Module
    S-01S1 kHz Sine Wave Test Tone
    S-02SBuzzer/Yelp Tone
    S-04SSwitch-Selectable Tone
    S-20SDigital Message Repeater Module w/ USB
    T-01SBalanced Line Output
    T-02SUnbalanced Line Input with Music-On-Hold Output
    T-12SUnbalanced Line Input with Music-On-Hold Output and Input Mute-Receive
    E-03RProcessor Module For TOA F-122CU Speakers
    E-04RProcessor Module For TOA H-1 Speakers
    E-05RProcessor Module For TOA H-2/H-2WP Speakers
    E-06RProcessor Module For TOA H-3/H-3WP Speakers
    E-07SLow-Pass-Filter Output Module For TOA FB-100 and HB-1 Subwoofers