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Microphones and Wireless Mic Systems

Microphones and
Wireless Mic Systems

TOA Electronics, Inc.Position Statement regarding FCC changes to the UHF Wireless RF Spectrum related to the upcoming DTV (Digital Television) transition effective February 17, 2009 and the recent 700MHz Band Auctions.
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New Information as of 12/6/2008TOA UHF Wireless Microphone Systems - Channel / Frequency Information Guide is a very useful tool that can be used to help you determine which frequencies are currently in use in your area. The result of your planning will allow you to determine which frequency band TOA UHF Wireless Microphone products to purchase.

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Wireless Microphone Systems
IR Wireless SeriesInfrared Wireless Microphone System
Trantec S5.5The new S5 Series Wireless Microphone SystemProfessional Wireless Microphone Systems

5000 SeriesNew! 
Professional Wireless Microphone Systems

E01 and F01 Band Products shipping as of 12/1/2008.
A01 Band Products available as "Special Order" item as of 12/1/08.

WT-4820Modular, Dual Channel Frequency-Agile, Diversity, Rack-Mountable

WTU-4800 Tuner Module
E01 and F-01 Band Product not currently available. Estimated delivery in 02/2009.
A01 Band available as "Special Order" item as of 12/1/08.

WA-1822/CWA-1822 and WA-1822C Portable Wireless Meeting AmplfiersPortable Wireless Meeting Amplifiers

Wired Microphones
EM-SeriesPresentation Microphones
Digital Desktop Paging Microphone w/USB and Three Minutes of Digital Storage
Desktop Paging Microphone, 600 ohm, Balanced, PTT Switch, 6 ft. Bare 4-Conductor Cable
Noise-Cancelling Handheld Paging Microphone, PTT, Coil Cable, External Contacts
Microphone, Handheld Speech, Stand Adapter, 25' Cable w/ 1/4" Phone Plug
Microphone, Handheld Speech/Vocal, Stand Adapter, XLR Connector