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Speaker System Design Software

Speaker System Design Software

New version 1.42 with 3D View and New Model Data!
TOA Speaker SoftwareThe newest version of the TOA Speaker System Software, v1.42, is now available with added features and more data files for all of your favorite TOA ceiling and wall-mountspeakers. New features include 3D layout view and support for the newHX-5 Variable Dispersion Speakerand F1000/2000 Box Speakers. And, best of all, the TOA Speaker System Software is 100% FREE!
  • Easy to Use — design and layout systems in minutes!
  • Automatic or Manual Layout Modes
  • Color Display of Sound Pressure Level with adjustable resolution
  • Interactive Frequency Response Display — changes in real-time as you move the mouse through the coverage area
  • Updated Speaker Database includes most TOA models plus generic 4", 5" and 8" ceiling speakers
  • Rectangular or Hexagonal Layout Patterns — Maximum Overlap, Minimum Overlap and Edge-to-Edge
  • Adjust Individual Speakers — location, power and placement angles
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average SPL Display for both pink noise and music/speech
  • Selectable Frequency Centers — 1/12, 1/6, 1/3, 1, 2 and 4th octave
  • Print Function includes color plots and speaker locations with Print Preview
  • More Convenient Features:
    • recommended amplifier power calculation
    • energy or interference modes
    • normal or reverse polarity for individual speakers
    • metric or imperial units
    • zoom in/out and fit modes
    • distance between columns/rows
*Individual speaker data files can be downloaded below (right-click and select "Save Target As..."):
BS-1030B/WTSA, 1.75Mb
CS-154Data FileTSA, 3.4Mb
CS-304Data FileTSA, 3.4Mb
CS-64Data FileTSA, 2.9Mb
F-122CUData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-1522SCData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-160G/WData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-160GM/WMData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-1000Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-1300 New!Data FileTSA, 2.4Mb
F-2000Data File (w/o horn adapter)TSA, 1.75Mb
F-2000 (HA)Data File (w/ horn adapter)TSA, 1.75Mb
F-2322CData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-2352CData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-2352SCData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-240G/WData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-240GM/WMData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
F-2852CData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
FB-100Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb

Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
Data File (w/ High Cut EQ)TSA, 1.75Mb
HS-1200 New!Data FileTSA, 5.1Mb
HS-1500 New!Data FileTSA, 5.1Mb

TSA, 1.75Mb
Data File (w/ EQ)TSA, 1.75Mb
TSA, 1.75Mb

Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
Data File (w/ EQ)TSA, 1.75Mb
Data File (w/ EQ and Low Cut)TSA, 1.75Mb
HB-1Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
PC-671R/RVData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
SC-610Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
SC-610TData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
SC-615Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
SC-615TData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
SC-630Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
SC-630TData FileTSA, 1.75Mb
Generic 4"
ceiling speaker
Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
Generic 5"
ceiling speaker
Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb
Generic 8"
ceiling speaker
Data FileTSA, 1.75Mb