Thứ Sáu, 28 tháng 10, 2011

The KF Series of three-way designs built around Kenton Forsythe's unique birch laminate and structural foam midbass horn are EAW's most popular and well known products.
KF SeriesThe KF760 Series is comprised of two large-format line array modules that incorporate numerous EAW breakthrough technologies to provide premium performance for high-output portable and installed applications, including concert/touring sound, corporate A/V, sports arenas, performing arts centers, theatre venues, and even larger live clubs.
The KF760 is a longer throw module (80-degree horizontal dispersion) while the KF761 is a shorter throw module with wider (110-degree) horizontal dispersion for optimum coverage at closer/front audience regions. Featuring EAW's advanced Divergence Shading, where all loudspeakers are powered at equal level, a full KF760/761 array can provide uniform sound coverage from directly beneath itself out to hundreds of feet without complex signal processing.
KF Series Cutaway
To get the required output from the KF760 long-throw module, EAW engineers drew from PPST, VA4, and SuperSub technologies in designing the KF760 Series HF, MF and LF subsystems, respectively. Both modules have a single large horn mouth for the HF and MF subsystem.
The KF760 module is also outfitted with a parabolic separator - borrowed from the KF910F that serves both to combine the vertically separated HF cells as well as to delay a portion of the MF drivers' output, creating a "flatter" wavefront through the mid- and high-frequency ranges. The KF761 module, meanwhile, features a single HF compression driver and direct radiating midrange cones, allowing it to provide concert-level output in the nearfield without harshness.
Both the KF760 and KF761 have the same LF section, featuring our Bent Horn technology that greatly increases output efficiency. The mouths of the LF horns are vertical rectangular slots on each side of the enclosure front. Given the typical length of most KF760 Series arrays, these slots create a true line array for low frequencies, with vertical pattern control to below 100 Hz. This prevents excessive low frequencies near to and almost under the array while focusing more energy to the longer throws.
Signal processing requirements for the arrays are intentionally simple, allowing users to draw upon intuitive system-tuning techniques such as adjusting box-to-box angles or EQ settings to achieve desired sound quality.
Headlining the processing is EAW's revolutionary EAW Focusing alignment and driver processing algorithms, available via the EAW UX8800 dual-mode digital processor. EAW Focusing eliminates the traditional characteristics of honk and splashiness to produce horn-loaded performance comparable to premium direct-radiating studio monitors.
EAWPilot control software provides comprehensive DSP control of the UX8800, while its Wizard modeling software helps in automatically configuring array DSP for optimal performance fitting specific audience areas, greatly simplifying system setup and alignment.