Thứ Hai, 31 tháng 10, 2011


The Arena Royale is a unique first of its kind venue in South Africa catering to the more
mature market. The magnificent venue is themed along the lines of a Burlesque Theatre
Show Lounge, much like the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and an American Speak Easy Club
or 1930s New York dinner and dance club, abundant with elegance and class.
New, upmarket burlesque theatre situated in fourways has just made a comprehensive
investment into their lighting system with products from JBSystems, Briteq and ASD.
The installation is complete, hosting a full range of equipment including LED Based
parcans and moving heads, halogen scanners and multi-pars and compact dimmer packs mounted into the trussing.
30x Briteq BT 60 LS Moving head
24x Briteq BT 54 L3 Moving head
60x JBSystems LED Parcans
12x JBSystems Winner Scanners
6x JBSystems Rover Scanners
24x Multi-par cans
6x Briteq DB 150 Power Bars
3x ASD Quad trussing 3M
3x Briteq DMS 26 Splitters
2x JBSystems FSP 575 Follow spots with stands
All clamps, safty cable and DMX cable supplied by Sound and Light City
Sports Lounge
The sports lounge is an upmarket cocktail lounge situated in Potchefstroom. The
idea behind this venue was, to create an upmarket venue, with excellent food,
beverage, and music to match. Well, at Sound and Light City, we certainly do
enjoy good quality food and bev., but its audio and lighting that gets us going.
On first survey the venue was still being built and was therefore in quite a mess.
But, we were able to come up with a plan to suit the owners brief. So we got to
work. Many configurations were considered for this venue, but in the end, the
combination of the awesome Synq CLS 8 for mid tops and Ecler’s Prodigious
UMA Sb118 were going to provide the right combination of power, performance
and sound quality required. Also keeping in mind the system had to blend in
ergonomically with the venue. Another success of course.
JBSystems Lounge Laser
JBSystems Laser burst III
Synq CLS 8 Speakers
Ecler UMA SB 118
Ecler XPA 5000 amplifier
Ecler XPA 3000 amplifier
Synq PE 2400 amplifier
Synq DLP 6 Processor
Synq DLC 1 Compressor limiter
Ecler Sam 612 Zone mixer
Ecler MPA 4-150 amplifier
JBSystems K 52 Speakers
JBSystems MR-SU9 Wireless
Synq SMX 3 Pro DJ mixer
Botswana - Private entertainment project
What the client was looking for here, was a sound system with very good sound quality,
the ability to reach high SPL and be very unobtrusive. With the use of our JBSystems,
Synq and Ecler products, we were able to give the client just that. The lighting for this
system needed to be as diverse as possible. The installation comprised of just about
all the various lights we have to offer, from LED effects to scanners. Correctly placed,
these lights ensured that every party held at the house would never look monotonous
of boring. 
JBSystems FX 1700 Smoke machine
JBSystems PC 8 switchers
JBSystems Apollo LED light
JBSystems LED Devil
JBSystems LED Flower
JBSystems The Winner
JBSystems The Rover
JBSystems Storm bird
JBSystems Colour Burst
JBSystems Laser Burst III
ASD Aluminium Trussing
Synq CLS 8 Speakers
JBSystems Vibe15s MKII
JBSystems D2 900 amplifiers
Ecler DP 400 Processor
Synq DLC 1 Compressor limiter
JBSystems MCD 580 Dual cd player
JBSystems MR-SU9 Wireless microphones
Synq SMX 3 Pro DJ mixer