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Signal processors


   The Receiver is an advanced measuring system which allows an engineer to
check the phase accuracy of any electronic audio system. It is ideal for the
toolbox being small, light and battery powered.
   The  system  is  made  up  of  two  hand  held  units.  The  emitter (Receiver)generates a wide band 1Hz pulse as an output signal on an XLR connector or through its own built in speaker,  this signal is then passed through the signal chain under test and fed into the receiver (Transmoitter),  electrically via its XLR connector or acoustically by the internal microphone.  Indication is then given as to whether the received signal is in or out of phase.



Technical Specifications24-bit dual DSP,top-AD/DA,48kHZ sampling rate
Crossover slopes of6,12,18,24 or 48dB per octave,filter types butterworth or linkwitz-riley Bessel
Parametric or shelving equalization for smoothing system frequency response
Up to 630ms signal delay per signal path
The treshold of the output compressor adjustable,attack and telease time adjusted automatically
Polarity reverse on each output
60 memory locations for user programs
Auto electronically balanced inputs and outputs
MIDI and RS-232 control
2¡Á16 character backlit LCD

INPUT IMPEDANCE:>10K¦¸,electronically balanced  
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:50¦¸,electronically balanced  
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL:+20dBu into 600¦¸ or greater
DYNAMICRANGE:112dB unweighted 22Hz-22KHz,
                        >117dB on AES?EBU input
DISTORTION(THD):<0.005%,20Hz-20KHz@+10dBu output
OUTPUTGAIN:¡À21dB variable in 0.1dB steps
INPUTGAIN:¡À15dB variable in 0.1dB steps
MAXIMUM NUMBER OF EQ FILTERS £º 60(depending on crossover slopes)
EQ GAIN:¡À15dB variable in 0.2dB steps
Q(BANDWIDTH):0.05 to 3 octaves,variable in 0.05 steps
EQ FREQ:15Hz-20KHz
DYNAMIC SLOPE:2:1 to 20:1 (dynamic EQ's only)



1.8 Multi power sockets, 13 Amps each.
2.Gooseneck DJ light adoptable.
3.Power on and off in order.
4.LED volt meter.
5.Units linkable for expansion.
6.40A Power filter.
7.Dimension HWD(mm):44¡Á483¡Á330 (1U)
8.Shipping HWD(mm):90¡Á500¡Á410(0.019CBM)



1.8 Multi power sockets, 13 Amps each.
2.Gooseneck DJ light adoptable.
3.Power on and off in order.
4.LED volt meter.
5.Units linkable for expansion.
6.40A Power filter.
7.European style power cable
8.Dimension HWD(mm):75¡Á482¡Á330(2U)
9.Shipping HWD(mm):



1.  Stereo 2-way or Mono 3-way crossover
2.  Four steps Butter Worth filter and 12dB/octave
3.  Overrun low frequency cut and phase correct function
4.  Frequency point is continuous adjustable
5.  The frequency output may select stereo output or mono superposes output.
6.  TA22 has 1/4 TRS socket
7.  Double circuit configuration

1.  Freq Response:20Hz-20KHz,¡À0.5dB
2.  THD:©‚0.06%
3.  S/N:¡Ư94dB
4.  Filter type:12dB/octave,butter worth state-variable filters
5.  Frequency point:Stereo:H/L:45Hz-9.6KHz
6.  Mono: M/L:45Hz-9.6KHz
7.  Input Impedance:balanced: 50K¦¸£»unbalanced:25K¦¸
8.  Max input level:+12dBu(Ref:¡À0.775V)
9.  Output impedance:102¦¸
10. Max output level:+21dBu(Ref:¡À0.775V)
11. Mains:AC 220V-240V/50-60Hz
12. Dimension HWD(mm):45¡Á482¡Á150
13. Shipping HWD(mm):110¡Á525¡Á245/0.014CBM
14. NW/GW(Kg):2.35/3.05



1.  Compressing proportion can be adjusted continuously
2.  The threshold, start time and release time adjustable
3.  Bypass switch
4.  Each channel with one noise gate. Adjustable threshold
5.  1/4 TRS, RCA socket
6.  Two additional connectors make sound reach the effect of¡°off screen        voice¡±
7.  Dual channels union-control or sole-control conversion function

1.  Freq Response: 10Hz-30KHz,¡À0.5dB
2.  THD:©‚0.06%
3.  S/N:¡Ư97dB
4.  Input Impedance: balanced£º40K¦¸ unbalanced:20K¦¸
5.  Max input level:+21dBu£¨Ref:¡À0.775V£©
6.  Output impedance:balanced: 102¦¸£» unbalanced:51¦¸
7.  Max output level:+21dBu£¨Ref:¡À0.775V£©
8.  Side chain input impedance:10K¦¸9.  Side chain maximum input level:+21dBu£¨Ref:¡À0.775V£©
10. Side chain output impedance:balanced: 102¦¸£»unbalanced:51¦¸11. Gate threshold:-55dBu¡«-10dBu
12. Mains:AC 220V-240V/50-60Hz
13. Dimension HWD(mm):45¡Á482¡Á128
14. Shipping HWD(mm):110¡Á525¡Á245£¨0.014CBM£©
15. NW/GW(Kg):2.05/2.7



1.  Using surface mounting technology (SMT). High performance and reliable quality
2.  Enhancing sound effect. Intense function
3.  Inside dbx noise suppressor makes system more quiet when it's in state
4.  Multi-BASS processing modules
5.  Inside surround sound processor brings very intense stereo effect.

1.  Connector:1/4" TRS, balanced and unbalanced
2.  Impedance:balanced: 50K£»unbalanced:25K¦¸              
3.  Max input:+21dBu(Ref:¡À0.772V)
4.  Freq Response:20Hz-20KHz£¬¡À0.5dB
5.  S/N:©ƒ95dB
6.  THD£º©‚
0.08%@+4dBu, 1KHz
7.  Crosstalk:©‚-100dB
8.  Mains:AC 220V-240V/50-60Hz
9. Dimension HWD(mm):45¡Á482¡Á150
10. Shipping HWD(mm):110¡Á525¡Á245£¨0.014CBM)
11. NW/GW(Kg):2.2/2.9



1.  2x31 bands, 1/3 Oct. Perfect characteristic and high S/N
2.  All made by SMT (surface mounting technology)
3.  Dual 4-segment LED level indicators
4.  EQ/ Bypass switchable
5.  Aluminum alloy panel
6.  40Hz Low frequency cut

1.  Structure:Double 31bands
2.  Freq Response:20Hz-20 KHz£¬+0/-0.5dB
3.  Constant-Q gain:¡À12dB
4.  Low-frequency cut filter:12dB/oct @ 50, Switch on/off
5.  Work level:-10dBu¡«+4dBu
6.  Input impedance:balanced:40K¦¸, unbalanced:20K¦¸  
7.  Max input level:+21dBu
8.  Input level gain:-12dB¡«+12dBu
9.  Output impedance: balanced: 102K ohm, unbalanced: 51K¦¸
10. Output level display: LED,-10dB, 0dB, +10dB and +17dB
11. THD:©‚0.03% @ 1KHz
12. S/N:(Ref£º0.775V)©ƒ95dB
13. Switch:In/Out and Fitler(FET)
14. Mains:AC 220V-240V/50-60Hz
15. Dimension HWD(mm):90¡Á482¡Á120
16. Shipping HWD(mm):110¡Á525¡Á245£¨0.014CBM£©
17. NW/GW(Kg): 3.1/3.9



1.  Max input level:          +/-18dBu (Ref:0.775V)
2.  Input impedance:balanced: 40K¦¸   unbalanced: 20K¦¸ 
3.  Max output level:         18dBu(laden: 1mw/600¦¸)
4.  Output impedance:balanced:300¦¸ unbalanced: 150¦¸
5.  Freq Response:             +/-1dBu 20Hz-20KHz
6.  Filter:                    1/3/oct constant ¨CQ gain
7.  Max boost and cut filter:+/-15dB/OCT
8.  High-frequency cut filter:4KHz-20KHz ,18dB/OCT
9.  Low-frequency cut filter:20Hz-300KHz ,18dB/OCT
10. Feedback display threshold:-20dBu¡«20dBu
11. S/N:©ƒ95dB
12. Crosstalk:©‚-110dB
13. Mains:AC 220V-240V/50-60Hz
14. Dimension HWD(mm):145¡Á482¡Á190
15. Shipping HWD(mm):170¡Á525¡Á245/0.021CBM
16. NW/GW(Kg): 5.55/6.4



1.  Input jack: 1/4" TRS, XLR
2.  Input impedance:balanced:40K¦¸
3.  unbalanced:20K¦¸
4.  Output jack:TRS jack
5.  Input level:
6.  Output impedance:balanced:102K¦¸£»unbalanced:51¦¸7.  Freq Response:20Hz-20KHz+1.5dB
8.  S/N: ¡Ư98dB
9.  THD:©‚0.01%(@0dB,1KHz)
10. Processor: 24bit DSP 48K sampling
11. Mains: AC 220V-240V/50-60Hz
12. Dimension HWD(mm):45¡Á482¡Á150
13. Shipping HWD(mm):110¡Á525¡Á245£¨0.014CBM£©
14. NW/GW(Kg):2.2/2.9