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SurroundBar® 500 Component Home Theater

SurroundBar® 500 Component Home Theater

4 1/4" H x 49" W x 1 1/2" D
( (10.79cm) H x (124.46cm) W x (3.81cm) D )

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When Space Is At A Premium, But Performance Shouldn't Be
We know you’re passionate about audio performance, and we’d never suggest that you give up your 5.1 home theater speakers. But we realize there are times when the size or setup of your room restricts the use of separates; for those situations, we developed the new SurroundBar 500 Component Home Theater (CHT). It delivers the superior performance of component separates without the space and placement demands of separates!
CHT stands for Component Home Theater. Within this incredibly thin new SurroundBar are high performance components and state-of-the-art technologies that enable remarkable flexibility in meeting your home theater audio needs. Anywhere you desire the all-out performance of separates, but don't have the room—a den, bedroom or rec room—the SurroundBar 500 CHT gives you all the convenience of a SurroundBar, and all the performance of component separates. Or, with the flip of a switch, it can reproduce just your front stage (right, center and left channels) while you continue to use separate speakers for the surround channels in a 5- or 7-channel system.
For the bone-shaking thrills of big bass, we recommend pairing the SurroundBar 500 CHT with the DSWpro550wi or the DSWmicropro1000 powered subwoofers.
The Only SurroundBar Smart Enough To Be Called CHT
How does such a shallow SurroundBar sound so deep? To reach the performance levels we knew you'd appreciate, we made a tactical design decision and separated the SurroundBar 500 CHT's crossover and proprietary digital audio technologies into a separate rack-mountable black box: the external SDA® Control Module. The compact SDA Control Module goes right where your audio equipment or cable box goes, connects in seconds with no setup at all, and ensures an audio experience just not possible from other soundbar designs.
The SDA Control Module is the technological secret to the SurroundBar 500 CHT's wide, dynamic soundstage and realistic details. The SDA Control Module houses our advanced crossover, and Polk's proprietary surround-sound technology, SDA Surround. It also includes a convenient junction for receiver inputs, the easily accessible Channel Mode Switch, and the easy, single-wire connection to the SurroundBar 500 CHT.

  • The thinnest high performance SurroundBar yet, just 1 1/2" shallow! Perfect for mounting next to today's slimmest flat-panel TVs.
  • Superior component-level performance from high performance speaker components:
    • Nine 3 1/4" ultra-shallow proprietary ASP Aluminum Dome Mid-Woofers, tuned with our Dynamic Balance® process to stop performance-robbing distortion even at lifelike volume levels. The patented Asymetrically Sculpted Pattern (ASP) was specifically developed by Polk Audio as part of the design of this high performance, shallow-space driver. Lightweight and powerful neodymium magnets ensure smooth frequency response over a wider soundstage, and durable rubber surrounds last a lifetime.
    • Three 3/4" Ring Radiator tweeters, the same tweeters found in the very best-reviewed component loudspeakers (like our flagship LSi Series), ensure the most realistic imaging and most detailed rendering of music and movie audio.
  • Engineered for today's digital media with state-of-the-art digital technology, including Polk Audio's patented, groundbreaking SDA Surround Technology to achieve a spacious and realistic soundstage in any room setup.
  • Multiple mounting options, on the wall or on a shelf. All the hardware you might need is included.
  • Simple set up, no calibrating; just plug it in. Connect the SDA Control Module to your audio equipment or cable box. Use the supplied audio connection to plug your SurroundBar 500 CHT into the compact SDA Control Module, and then plug the Module unit into a wall socket. There are no complex on-screen menus, and there's no calibration needed; you'll be enjoying component-level loudspeaker performance even in rooms with no room for a component speaker array!
  • Easy to add separates. The compact SDA Control Module allows you to easily and quickly add separates to your SurroundBar 500 CHT system. Add a subwoofer for deep bass. Add component or even wireless surround speakers for a totally immersive surround-sound experience. The SurroundBar 500 CHT provides a wide, deep, detailed and realistic front soundstage for any application, and effortlessly adds excitement to you TV and movie watching.