Thứ Tư, 23 tháng 3, 2011

Digital CrossOver

"Is that really just a regular CD playing?" 
CES visitor comment
(CES 2006, Las Vegas)
The digital crossover module

Our digital crossover technology is a DSP based module with one digital input and two digital outputs. The can be cascaded to easily provide an 8 way system if desired. One module is a 2 way system, and each additional module adds another way. These modules can be packaged in a separate box, or included in a product. For demonstration purposes, we have made a crossover module to fit our DACS.

Why put a digital crossover in the DAC?

The last place in any system an active crossover can be included is in the DAC, just before the signal becomes analog. Once the signal is analog, any active crossover will either require analog filters which offer limited performance or require conversion back to digital and then back to analog after filtering. Neither option makes sense so we perform the cross over filtering just before the DACs. We convert the right and left outputs of the DAC into a 2 way single channel. Two DACs are required, one for right and one for left. They are kept in sync with the clock link now provided on all Platinum DACs. The MSB DAC is modular and is thus a great place to add this new technology.   .  
About the Technology
 The MSB CrossOver uses two SHARC DSP processors per channel.