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Installing HD Audio Opamp In Less Than 5 Mins (Video)

The second generation of HD Audio Opamps was developed in collaboration with some of the world's most passionate musicians, sound engineers and recording artists. This project has taken two years to complete, with an end result reaching beyond our greatest expectations of musical reproduction. Its qualities have been pushed to the very frontier of studio technology. Like a photographer's latest favourite lens, it is being utilized by recording artists around the world, to better capture the moments that last for an eternity
The Angry Realization
The function of Opamps at the output stage is as important as the lens on a cinema projector. Regardless of the analytical capability of the audio gear, an inferior opamp will halve a machine's performance, and distort every dB of sonic imagery.
For fellow audio enthusiasts, there inevitably comes a time to explore opamp upgrades for their equipment. After hopping from forum to forum, and checking every pricelist, it's all too easy to become confused with the subsequent findings. That humble pair of IC opamps in their machine is worth less than a can of coca-cola. Replacing them with another pair of IC opamps, worth a little less than a McDonalds burger will noticeably improve the overall performance of their mega dollar machines.
One question then burns in the minds of such audio enthusiast;
How could the manufacturer's, with their respectable brand, history, and self proclaimed team of world leading audio scientists not know that a simple opamp switch could lift the performance of their product? Why wouldn't they have adopted "that" opamp initially, when their production costs would be increased by only 1%.
Then comes the incredibly infuriating realisation that the manufacturers would have known this all along! Unfortunately however, their focus is solely on profit. Even after pricing the machine with a large profit margin, a profit driven manufacturer will never hesitate to continually lower their production cost at the expense of quality sounding music! Then, after paying a very high price for what is presumably a respectable piece of equipment, a passionate audio enthusiast still has to risk it all by tweaking their machine with a soldiering iron.
It may be true that we live in a profit driven world now, but when the promise of a high calibre sound system falls short, and excellent sound quality music is the victim, it still angers us all!
The Whole Truth
Unfortunately, that is not the whole truth. The whole truth about IC opamps is that they are in that machine for one reason and one reason only. It is simply a cost saving exercise at the expense of high calibre sounding music!
ICs are cheap and sticking an IC opamp onto a PCB simplifies the entire design, assembly and quality control process. However, IC opamps have countless faults that make them unsuitable for audio application. Below are just some of them.
  • IC Opamps are not designed with a focus on Audio.
  • IC opamps are highly inconsistent in quality:
  • IC opamps are poorly conducted and degrades musical signal at all leve
  • IC opamps suffer from EMI noise
For a more in-depth review on this issue please read "IC Chip Not Good for Audio"
Burson HD Audio Opamps
We at Burson Audio have realised the inferior quality of IC Opamps for quite some time.
We love music and it's always been our philosophy to enhance sound quality wherever possible. We're aware that the only way to overcome the IC opamp problem, is to replace them with a well designed discrete circuitry.

Building Of HD Audio Opamp
The team at Burson Audio has been developing the HD Audio Opamp project for a number of years now. From the first version to the current production, improvement has been made along the way, as part of the quest for perfection.
The foundation of the HD Audio Opamp is a sophisticated Voltage Differential Amplification network. The entire opamp is constructed from audio graded transistors and resistors. Such a design will ensure minimal colouration and maximum dynamics, but this design feature also posed a great challenge to production; without rigid component matching, it would be easy for sonic imbalance to occur.
We only use a 1% tolerant resistor. Before soldering them onto the PCB, we put them through a component burn-in module. After 50 hours of burn-in, each resistor will then be retested and matched before proceeding to our assembly line. The result of such a quality control process, is a further 10% of component rejection. This strict and very expensive BURN and MATCH process ensures the stability of the circuit. It ensures a perfect balance of sonic imagery across the entire frequency spectrum. It also guarantees a stable and realistic sound stage between the speakers.
Furthermore we insisted on a top quality lead free solder and temperature controlled soldering process. This was the only solution to reducing heat stress on our components, and minimising short circuits caused by a soldering bath used in large-scale production.
Cost focused manufacturers would never adopt such an approach due to the significant increase in production costs. Burson Audio on the other hand knows that only our level of quality control can produce opamps worthy of our badge. Only our level of quality control can produce the best Opamp in the market.
Sonic Quality
To Team Burson, listening to an IC opamp is like listening to a grand concert through a key-hole, or admiring Mona Lisa on a stamp!
The resolution and texture of our Burson HDAO completely surpasses IC opamps. Compared with any IC opamps, it provides a fuller texture with more refined detail. At the same time the bass is well controlled and very punchy. Double bass can now clearly take shape on a very three-dimensional sound stage. Classical music reproduction becomes much more realistic where the string section becomes a group of individual musicians rather than just a group. All in all the Burson Discrete Op-amp is a very listenable and engaging performer. It will bring pure music to your soul, without listening fatigue to your ears.
Will HD Audio Opamp Work For You?
It is easy to find out if the Discrete Op-amp will work for you. Just open up your CD player or DAC and locate the analog RCA output (where you plug your interconnection cable). You should see one pair or more of the standard Opamps.
Take down the model number and compare it to our list. If you find your Opamp on the list, then the Burson Discrete Op-amp will work for you!
Direct Replacement For The Following Opamps
Dual Op-amps: AD8066, AD8620, AD712, AD827, C4570, JRC4580, JRC5532, JRC5532D, JRC5534, LF353, LM4562, LM833N, NE5532, NEC4520, NEC4570, NJM2068D, NJM2114, NJM2214D, NJM4558, NJM4558D, NJM4560, NJM5532, NJM4558P, OP275, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2604, RC4558D, RC4558P, TL052, TL072

Single Op-amps: NE5534, LT1122, OPA627, AD811, AD844, OPA604, AD8610,& etc.
We are now offer our HD Opamp with two more connection types for flexible installation: 8 pins DIP Socket (plug and play upgrade)

Soft cable extension (10 CM) for SMD soldering. Each Opamp pair also comes with free mounting kit. Pricing is identical on all connection types.
Drop us an email if your opamp is not listed above.
How To Install The Discrete Op-Amp?
  1. Record the direction of the IC-opamp. (where the half moon chip is pointing)
  2. De-solder the existing Op-amps and replace them with the HD Audio Opamp (same direction).
  3. 100 hours of burn-in, then enjoy the music!
Please visit our Blog look under "Tweaks" for more tips and tricks for installing our opamps.
  • Working voltage: +/-12-25v DC
  • Current Draw: 19mA (each module)
  • THD: Less than 0.0007%
  • Dimensions: 39mm x 10mm x 29mm, (single) 39mm x 23mm x 29mm (double)
  • Weight: 19g
Disclaimer: Each module is individually tested before dispatch. However, incorrect installation of the product will risk damaging the CD player. We are not responsible for any damages incurred from the installation of this module. If you are not confident with

HD Opamp Review & Feedbacks
Burson Opamp upgrade to Music Hall DAC 25.2 Part II
   Because I can buy cheaper some capacitors, I did another (it looks final) upgrade: Resistors: 180R, 200R, 220R, 680R RCK02A - Chinese army precise (0.01%) version of Vishay S102K. 680R, 3k3, 27k Kiwame 1M, 100R Caddock Capacitors: 2x 3.3uF/250V V-Cap OIMP 2x 3.3uF/1200V M-Cap Mundorf Supreme Silver Oil (for installation I used your clock transport box) Your HD opams I solder directly to PCB (without socket) I didn't expect that difference will be so big. It is possible to say a l...

Hi end DIY Headphone Amp with Burson HD Audio Opamp
  ..."Listening Impressions: The first thing I noticed was the separation of the instruments, I was listening to Telegraph Road by Dire Straits and heard many ?new? sounds which I never had heard. The top and bottom is silky smooth, I have never heard such a good separation between bass and tremble. The sound is crystal clear and is a pleasure to listen to. Overall this is THE BEST headphone amplifier I?ve ever heard." Vegard J 

Burson HD Opamp upgrade in Marantz CD6000 OSE
 The installation was pretty straightforward The original HDAMS plug in/on to the white vertical pillars and are easily removed. The holes and the printed outline for the DIP sockets are already on the board, making correct orientation easy. Regards Don H 

Marantz SR-8500 & Rotel RCD-965BX with Burson HD Audio Opamp Mod by Edwin W
Here are some pics of my system. Marantz SR-8500 with dual Bursons.Only used as pre amp.Rotel RCD-965BX with single Bursons and clock. Plus loads of mods to power supply. Awesome machine. Rotel RMB-1095 didn't find the need to mod it best amp I've ever had and loads of detail for HT or two channel. REL Stratos 5 down to measured 15Hz with Velodyne SMS1 :) Mediagate from ACRyan. Several hard drives for concerts and movies. Old modded Kenwood to power the extra side AAD which get th...

Burson Opamp upgrade to Music Hall DAC 25.2
 I already receive yours opams and clock. Capacitors i bought in China (Elna Slimic II, Murdorf, Vishay). I sand you photo of upgrade process. DAC_1 original, DAC_2 desoldering DAC_3 modification result It is difficult compare if is not possible do A-B test. But I feel upgrade bring significant improvement in clarity and naturality. Also the bass are better. Thanks for your help. Best regards Jan 

Jungson Ja-2 preamp upgrade with Burson Hd opamp by Peter
 Attached is a few shots of both the dual and single opamps in my Jungson Ja-2 preamp. The change in sound wasn?t subtle. This was a relatively straight forward exercise. They are slotted nicely in some sockets installed for opamp rolling purposes. An excellent upgrade from the BB2604 and NE5534?s. They match nicely with the Siemens ECC801s tubes. Kind regards Peter 

DIY Headphone Amp with Burson HD Opamps - Andreas Germany
 Here is a DIY Headphone-Amp with your OP-Amp.Built variable to compare different Op-Amp. The winner is: Burson 

Marantz CD67 MK2 SE upgrade with Burson HD Opamps - Nigel B.
   Hi Burson Audio, I have just finished installing the Burson dual opamps in my Marantz cd-67 mk2 SE, and am listening to it right now! I think this is THE BEST MONEY i have ever spent on audio gear! I am totally astonished! It has completely transformed my system. Very easy to install as well! Many thanks and I look forward to purchasing the clock and power regulator. Nigel B 

Oppo 83 DVD upgrade with Burson HD Opamp by Michel W.
1) With some help, i remove all the components interresting by the tweak on my DVD Oppo 83. 2) i plug your two dual OP (before op CMS ,it's very small for my old eyes!). 3) I make myself a power supply with old toroidal transformer 250VA !! 220v-15/15v (salvage in my factory), régulateurs Burson (78xx et 79xx), capacitors (salvage) etc.. 4) Last opération , solder the wires between power supply and audio cart and push the button on . Aie ! Aie ! i'm a little afraid but it's OK ! the Leds sh...

Music Hall 25.3 DAC upgrade with Burson Dual opamps by Rich O.
 I am up and running and the Burson HD op amps are a very worthwhile addition. Wow! The tube side of the Music Hall 25.3 DAC isn?t so soggy anymore. The big benefit was to the balanced SS output, which bypasses the tube and output caps. The bass was kind of soft before, sounded thin. Now I have bass, nuance and weight to the music. It tuned this $600 retail DAC into something special. Rich O 

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac upgrade with Burson HD opamps by Philippe G.
To be quite honest the results are simply awesome, the Burson HD op amp transformed the Minimax in a whole new machine : Bursons HD op amp seems to work beautifully with the ESS9018, it adds tons of detail, as well as a fair amount of airiness. All in all music gains 'Gestalt', a more haptic, tangible experience alltogether, very holographic. Timbre of instruments is also more natural and I'd say ... credible. Extensions are enhanced : better, tighter and more detailled bass, amazing slam, a...

Ayon Audio CD-5s with Burson HD Opamp upgrade by Neil H
I recently purchased some new HiFi equipment from high end Austrian manufacturer Ayon Audio, a cd player (in fact 2 models of their CD players) and a pair of tube monobloc amplifiers.. All pieces of Ayon equipment produce absolutely incredible sound The more expensive of the two CD players, the model CD-5s retails in Australia for approx $15k, and is a solid state/tube hybrid player which includes a pre-amplifier, is an absolutely superb unit, in fact one of the best CD players and pre-amplif...

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Azur with Burson Opamp Upgrde offer by Audioupgrades
   The great sounding DAC Magic just got a whole lot better. : 

Oppo 83 universal player with Burson HD Opamp & Low Noise Regualtor MOD
     ... I'm also sending You some pictures from a modified Oppo 83 universal player , change was dramatic, now there's a lot of detail, it has a darker background bass is improved, instruments separation is better now. I used LNR regulators for analog board and replaced stereo output opams, also added a new power supply for analog stage. Oscar 

Proceed PCD3 with Burson HD Opamp Upgrade by Murray P
   All 6 op amps now installed and burning in. Initial impressions very favourable. Better clarity and less background noise. And clarity was pretty darn good before so I?m impressed. Fitted 1uF film caps for decoupling while I was at it. Most probably over kill for the Proceed but I had em so why not. Had first ?5 min? listen at 11.45 last night and didn?t silence it for over an hour. Glorious. Murray P NZ 

Zhaolu D2.5 DAC upgrade with Burson HD Audio Opamp
  I am very pleased with the upgrade as I noticed a difference as soon as I turned the unit on & is getting better as it is burning in. Many thanks for all your time and prompt service as I have friends that will be interested in this upgrade, I will certainly recommend your service to them. Kind Regards Ray B 

Rotel 965-BX CD Player upgrade with Burson HD Opamps, Burson Jitter Correction Clock and Burson Regulators - By Eric K.
I now prefer to listen to the Rotel and more importantly, I no longer have a great urge to look for the next CD upgrade! Comments on the modifications done on the Rotel 965-BX CD player which included HD Audio Opamps, low jitter clock and low noise regulator. Rotel 965-BX CD player about to be totally stripped down. Notice the empty space inside, on the right. Dis-assemble!!!! Clean, neatly laid out circuit board, fitted with Blackgate capacitors!! Picture before modification wit...

Shangling CD-80 Burson HD opamp upgrade by Antonio T.
..."Burson audio has a great product. My audio terms are not good but I do have old ears. I know good sound when I hear it"... Antonio T. 

CS8416 + PCM1798 Dac Upgrade with Burson HD opamp by Julien B
Dear Burson team, I send you some pictures of my dac and of my system. ...In visible and infra-red (fluke thermal camera from my job) Description of the Upgrade: I have a little dac based on CS8416 + PCM1798 Then, 2 NE5532 for the I/V section , and 2 NE5534 in output (1) I first removed the 5534 for the dip 8 sockets, and just plugged the silver pins of the bursons in the sockets. Fisrt Hear : I remebrer precisely, it's sounds like an other system(more better!) The sound is very dynamic but...

Onix XCD88 upgrade with Burson Low jitter clock & Dual Opamps by James L.
I tied the clock power source into the 15V (LM7815) regulator. This worked well, for power, as well as the clock seems to regulate down to 15v so I suspect that why it's built in regulator is barely warm vs hot. The opamps installed well onto the board vertically, *just* enough room to clear the cover (about 3mm of space). They seem to run rather warm though, not sure if this is normal. I had opa627's dogged in a socket before, and I had to remove the socket to clear the ...

HT Omega Claro Halo XT upgraded with Burson DH opamp
 I thought I would send you guys some pics of the Mod All i can say is "Epic" Leon 

McIntosh MX-136 with Burson HD Opamp Mod by Neil H
  Finally the MX-136 is up and running again. Fitted the OP amps but unfortunately ran into a problem where one channel stopped working? Eventually tracked it down to a signal ground having an intermittent connection. I have just finished watching a movie and the sound difference is amazing. The sound seems considerably more dynamic, and significantly more detail is now realised, overall a fantastic upgrade. Neil H 

Marantz SR8500 upgrade with Burson Dual opamps by Edwin W.
..."I have successfully upgraded my old Marantz SR8500. One burson module for the L-R channels the other for the Centre and Sub. I use the Marantz only as a preamp into my RMB-1095. For now I'm using cheap 7*15 regs but look forward to buy some low noise regs from you in the future. The sound of my HT has increased beyond anything that I have lately tried so the old Marantz is staying a bit longer yet. I've even rediscovered my CD collection with my Rotel RCD-965 with Burson plus c...

Denon DVD-A1 CDP upgrade with Burson HD opamps - Hun Mo Y. Korea
  I think that doing Burson is one of the most effective way to upgrade your CD player. Full Text: I finished installing 5 pairs of Burson single opamps in my Denon DVD-A1 (DAC chips are 4 x pcm1704) a month ago and have listened to it from then on. As shown in the pictures, the denon uses op amp chips such as 3 pairs of ne5532, a pair of op37 and a pair of op 275. Installation would be very simple if you are to replace single opamps with single Burson opamps or Dual opamps wi...

Firestone Cute Beyond upgrade with Burson Dual opamps by R. Carstens
 ..."A notable difference and improvement over other IC operational amplifiers tried, including the old time favorite OPA627. Busy going through my music collection of great diversity in genre and thus far it just seems to do everything right. It has brought to this little bedside rig of mine a certain synergy quite pleasing to the ear and silenced that little voice in my head responsible for compulsive upgrade disorder, as well as putting an end to my recent opamp rolling spree"... R. Carstens