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6-Way Stereo Speaker

6-Way Stereo Speaker Selector Amplifier Switch Selector
6-Way Stereo Speaker Selector Amplifier Switch Selector
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6-Port Speaker Selector Switch6-Way Stereo Speaker Selector Amplifier Switch Selector
This switch allows you to connect multiple pairs of speakers to your stereo receiver or amplifier or the other way around. 

An advanced designed deluxe and compact stereo speaker/amplifier selector suitable for home or Hi-Fi shop to use for comparing the performance of different speakers or amplifiers.
You'll be able to enjoy music anywhere in the house while protecting your amplifier from damage and maximizing the performance of your entire music system.
Music to every room in your house
This speaker selector allows connection with up to 6 speaker pairs to a stereo system for music throughout home, office or retail location. 

Great speaker switcher choice for the audiophile with several speakers to set up. Some speaker sets may be favored for going with particular audio players or receivers. No need to disconnect and reconnect the speaker wires all over again. Big convenience for having all speaker wires hooked up to the same speaker switch so your choice of speaker is only a push button away.Diagram For Connecting Multiple Speaker Pairs To One Stereo Amp/Receiver
Speaker Selector Solution Of Multiple Speaker Pairs For Single Amp Receiver
By connecting multiple speaker pairs to this speaker switch and then outputting to one stereo amplifier, users can easily select any set of speakers to be active for performance. Users can switch from one speaker pair to another seamlessly and experience different sonic quality that each speaker pair delivers by toggling through the push buttons on the front panel of this switch.
Amp Selector Solution Of Multiple Amps Receivers For Single Speaker Set
Imagine having a multiple amplifier system with each amp having its own sonic character. Perhaps one set clean, another for a slight amount of crunch, then maybe one for heavy rhythms, then one with your favorite high gain sound. By connecting these different power amplifiers to this switch and then outputting to single speaker pair, you can easily choose the most suitable amplifier that can provide maximum performance for even the most demanding audio program material. 
By toggling through the push buttons on the front panel of this switch, users can switch from one amp/receiver to another seamlessly and compares the performance of different stereo amplifier or receiver through the same speaker set. Diagram For Connecting Multiple Amplifiers/Receivers To One Single Speaker Set
  • Sonically transparent passive switching elements provide unsurpassed clarity while uniquely switching up to 6 amplifiers or receivers (one at a time) into a common speaker system or load device.
  • Running multiple stereo amplifiers or receivers on one set of speakers as an amplifier selector switch.
  • Running multiple speaker pairs on one stereo amplifier as a speaker selector switch.
  • High current amplifier protection circuitry allows for connection with up to 6 speaker pairs without damaging your amplifier.
  • Unique priority circuit only allows 1 amp or 1 speaker to be active at a time.
  • Protection circuitry safely guards unselected amps or speakers.
  • Each connected speaker set or amplifier/receiver can be controlled independently through the manual push buttons on the front panel.
  • Building up speaker and amplifier/receiver matrix system by daisy chaining multiple units of this switching device together for routing any selected the amplifier/receiver to any selected speaker pair for output.Daisy chain two speaker/amp selectors to set up a routing switch matrix
  • Supplied with pre-printed zone and equipment identification labels.
  • Independent left and right channel ground paths for compatibility with all power amplifiers (including autosound).
  • Snap-in push terminals provide quick and safe connection.
  • Robust, deluxe steel metal housing and well-shielded .
  • Passive routing switch. No external power supply required.
  • Independent left and right channel ground paths .
  • Snap-in push terminals for input interconnect.
  • Power rating: 100 watts per channel.
  • Dimension: 250mm x 110mm x 45mm
The Front And Back Panel Of The 6-Way Stereo Speaker Selector Amplifier Switch Selector